Nilufer Chitty is a Licensed Realtor in Colombo Sri Lanka. She provides a range of services for Sri Lankans, Expatriates, and Foreigners interested in real estate in Sri Lanka.

Nilufer has extensive experience working in International Organizations in Sri Lanka as well as being an executive assistant and office manager both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Real Estate transactions, whether it is renting a home or selling a property,  can be stressful and confusing to the uninitated. Nilufer’s relaxed but professional style along with her team of lawyers, accountants, bankers, and contractors from which she can draw as required make the process almost easy! Additionally given access to state of the art office equipment as well as her ability to use a variety of collaboration tools ranging from email and instant messaging to project specific websites makes working with her a breeze.

Please contact Nilufer directly to find out how she and her team can help you with your real estate and property management requirements.

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